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Fiber Optic Polishing Machine Sqaure Corner Press Type High Capacity Connector Holder

Fiber Optic Polishing Machine Sqaure Corner Press Type High Capacity Connector Holder


Product Description:
The Fiber Optical Polishing Machine On The Base Of International Universal Standards And Long-Term Hands-On Experience, It Exceeds Requirements For Gr-326 End Face Geometry, And This Fiber Optical Polishing Machine Adapt To Four Corners Compression And New I. P. C. Holder Technology Yields The Best Results In The Industry. No Variability In Result When Polishing 1 Or 24 Connectors, Jig Will Be Installed Stable, And Compact Size. This Fiber Optical Polishing Machine Can Process Excellent Connector End Force Polishing Quality. Our This Type Of Fiber Optical Polishing Machine Designed For Volume Production, High Productivity. For More, The Fiber Optical Polishing Machine Can Save Material And Low Cost For Polishing.



 ► May process each kind of standard fiber optic connectors, such as FC/UPC/APC,SC/UPC/APC, ST/UPC/APC, LC/UPC/APC, ,MU/UPC/APC, MTRJ,E2000/UPC/APC etc;
 ► Convenience for adjusting pressure, unloading and replacing jigs;
 ► Excellent connector and face polishing quality, the percentage of products sent back for repair is very low;
 ► Save material and low cost for grinding;
 ► Easy to use and stable;
 ► Display grinding speed which can be adjusted any time;
 ► Control the direction with pro and con, convenience for Adjustment;
 ► Toothed gearing, more stable and deep-set.

Ferrule diameter:
 2.5 mm (0.0984 inch)1.25mm(0.0492 inch).

Ferrule material:
 Zirconia (ZrO2),Quartz capillary, Glass materials, Colophony material Stainless steel and titanium alloy.

 1. Power switch: machine power on/off;
 2. FUSE specification: 250V/0.5A;
 3. Speed Adjustment: used for adjustment of polishing plate’s rotating speed;
 4. ON/OFF button: click ON button, run machine, click OFF button, stop machine;
 5. Timer: set/display polishing duration;
 6. Counter: record polishing quantity, reset record by pressing RST button.

Packing Information:

Package size


Gross Weight



Fiber count

Simplex (1-fiber) tight buffered
Duplex (2-fiber) jacketed zipcord

Cable jacket ratings

Riser (OFNR)
Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) per: IEC
60332-1-2, IEC 60332-3-24, IEC 60754-1,
IEC 60754-2, IEC 61034-2

Fiber types

Multi-mode: OM2 (G.651) 62.5/125um
LWP Bend-Insensitive (G.651)

Connector types end ‘A’

Simplex or Duplex LC/UPC, LC/UPC

Connector type end ‘B’

Simplex or Duplex LC/UPC, LC/UPC

Jacket color

OM2 (G.651): Orange
OM2 (G.651): Orange

Cable outside diameter (OD)

13mm duplex and simplex
900 micron tight buffered

Connector cable retention

50N @ 0℃
19.4N @ 90℃

Connector durability

500 cycles

Bend radius, minimum

1.6mm: 16mm
3mm: 29mm
900 micron: 9mm

Equipment Overviews:


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