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0.9mm Fiber Optic 12F MPO MTP Single Mode Breakout OS2 Yellow OPNR Patch Cable

0.9mm Fiber Optic 12F MPO MTP Single Mode Breakout OS2 Yellow OPNR Patch Cable


Technical Information:
8/12/24cores MPO-LC/SC/FC/ST Fan-out 0.9mm 35cm patch cable for MPO LGX module are terminated with MPO and LC/SC/FC/ST connector on each end. All of OMC’s MPO Connectors are from Japan.

MPO products’ Standard:
Meets IEC Standard IEC-61754-7; JIS C5982; TIA-604-5(FOCIS5); Telcordia GR-1435-CORE compliant
Structured cabling per TIA-568-C
Parallel Optics
- Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Compliant
- InfiniBand Compliant
- 10G Fiber Channel Compliant
- 40G and 100G IEEE 802.3

Other connectors’ Industrial Standard:
SC: TIA/EIA, FOCIS3, GR-326.NTT-SC IEC61754-4 and JIS C5973.
LC: TIA/EIA, FOCIS10, GR-326 EIA/TIA-604-10, IEC61754-20 and JIS C5973.
FC: EIA /TIA-604-04, FOCIS4, NTT-FC, GR-326. IEC61754-13 and JIS C5973
ST: TIA/EIA, FOCIS2, GR-326. IEC61754-2 and JIS C5973 Etc.

 √ Low insertion loss, high return loss;
 √ MT based Multi-fiber Connector, 4,8,12 and 24 fiber connector terminations and assemblies;
 √ Economical solution for mass-termination of fiber;
 √ Designed for low loss and standard loss SM and MM applications;
 √ Ruggedized round cable, oval cable and bare ribbon options available;
 √ Color coded housings available to differentiate fiber type, polish type and/or connector grade;
 √ Good in repeatability and exchangeability.

 √ 4,8,12,16,24 cores;
 √ Fanout connector can be SC,FC,LC,ST,E2000 etc.


The Basic Division of MTP® Connectors:

Type and Color
Code Connectors

Loss (IL)

Return Loss (RL)


Single-mode MTP® Elite® Connector

0.10 dB Typical (All Fibers) 0.35 dB Maximum (Single Fiber)1

> 60 dB (8°Angle Polished)2

-40℃ to 75℃

Single-mode MTP® Standard Connector

0.25 dB Typical (All Fibers) 0.75 dB Maximum (Single Fiber)1

> 60 dB (8°Angle Polished)2

-40℃ to 75℃

Multimode MTP® Standard Connector

0.25 dB Typical (All Fibers) 0.75 dB Maximum (Single Fiber)1,3

> 20 dB (0°Flat Polished)2,3

-40℃ to 75℃

1 IL test according to IEC 61300-3-4;
2 RL test according to IEC 61300-3-6;
3 Tested with proposed encircled flux launch condition on 50μm fiber & 850nm per IEC 61280-4-1.

Recommended Buffer Fiber and Color-coded Connectors:

Cable Type

Single-mode MTP® Elite®

Single-mode MTP® Standard

Multimode MTP® Elite®

Multimode MTP® Standard

Bare Ribbon





Flat ribbon Cordage

Cable Ø 2.0mm

Cable Ø 3.0mm

Cable Ø 3.6mm

Cable Ø 4.5mm

Cable Ø 5.0mm

Cable Ø 5.5mm

High Density MTP® / MPO Cabling System In Dada Center: 



High Quality MPO Cable Guarantee:
1. High-performance polishing machine, and complemented by precision plates holders designed for MT ferrules.
2. 3D interfermeter provides verification of MTP/MPO polishing process, and making all parameters of the polished MT ferrule complies and exceeds industry standards.

3. The flexibility of the tester provides the complete spectrum of optical testing required for complex and high fiber count cable assemblies.


Ordering Information:
 √ 1 ea for individual static-free bag with test report;
 √ Connector Customized Inquired;
 √ Cable Customized Length;

Product Description


Wire Map

12 Fiber MPO/MTP LC Female –Female, OS1

0-80 Meter

Straight A Wire

12 Fiber MPO/MTP LC Male-Female, OS2

0-80 Meter

Straight A Wire

12 Fiber MPO/MTP LC Male-Male, OM2

0-80 Meter

Straight A Wire

12 Fiber MPO/MTP LC Female –Female, OM3

0-80 Meter

Straight B Wire

12 Fiber MPO/MTP LC Male-Female, OM4

0-80 Meter

Straight B Wire

If the 0.9mm fiber optic 12f mpo mtp single mode breakout os2 yellow opnr patch cable caters to your requirement, welcome to wholesale the high-end and quality products from our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can assure you of its high quality and competitive price. And the customized service is also available.

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