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3.0mm 12F 24F MTP Fiber Optic Epoxy Single Mode Yellow Round Cable Connector

3.0mm 12F 24F MTP Fiber Optic Epoxy Single Mode Yellow Round Cable Connector


Technical Information:
TELES is a certified assembler of US Conec MTP® connectors. The MTP® multifiber connector is a registered trademark for US Conec's design of an MPO connector. The MTP® connector is a high performance MPO. US Conec manufactures durable MTP® brand connectors that provide quick connection for up to 72 optical fibers. Precision alignment is achieved with patented guide pins combined with the tightly controlled guide pin holes on US Conec's MT ferrules. Removable housings allow for quick change of gender, ferrule cleaning, interferometry or connector re-polishing. US Conec's MTP brand connector components are fully compliant with IEC Standard 61754-7 and TIA 604-5 – Type MPO. 


Technical Information:

Type and Color
Code Connectors

Loss (IL)

Return Loss (RL)


Single-mode MTP® Elite® Connector

0.10 dB Typical (All Fibers) 0.35 dB Maximum (Single Fiber)1

> 60 dB (8°Angle Polished)2

-40℃ to 75℃

Single-mode MTP® Standard Connector

0.25 dB Typical (All Fibers) 0.75 dB Maximum (Single Fiber)1

> 60 dB (8°Angle Polished)2

-40℃ to 75℃

Multimode MTP® Standard Connector

0.25 dB Typical (All Fibers) 0.75 dB Maximum (Single Fiber)1,3

> 20 dB (0°Flat Polished)2,3

-40℃ to 75℃

1 IL test according to IEC 61300-3-4;
2 RL test according to IEC 61300-3-6;
3 Tested with proposed encircled flux launch condition on 50μm fiber & 850nm per IEC 61280-4-1.

Recommended buffer fiber and color-coded connectors:

Cable Type

Single-mode MTP® Elite®

Single-mode MTP® Standard

Multimode MTP® Elite®

Multimode MTP® Standard

Bare Ribbon






Flat ribbon Cordage

Cable Ø 2.0mm

Cable Ø 3.0mm

Cable Ø 3.6mm

Cable Ø 4.5mm

Cable Ø 5.0mm

Cable Ø 5.5mm

 ► Precision low-loss factory polished connector with integral splice and fiber clamp;
 ► Simple and fast connector termination, with no adhesives or field polishing required;
 ► Provisions for visual light source verification to achieve optimal splice transmission;
 ► Fibers supported: OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, SM;
 ► Wide operating temperature range for thermally stable optical performance.

 ► 10-GbE multimode and single-mode optical networks;
 ► Intra-building backbone and horizontal fiber interconnections;
 ► Inter-building OSP entrance terminations;
 ► Data Center and WAN main cross-connect terminations;
 ► Quick deployment remote data links;
 ► Fiber to the Subscriber (FTTX);
 ► Low reflection angle polish single-mode applications.

MPO/MTP® Adapter:


產品介紹及圖片整理說明2560.png             產品介紹及圖片整理說明2559.png

MPO/MTP® Assemblies:


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