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SMA905 Fiber Optic High Power Connector

SMA905 Fiber Optic High Power Connector


Technical Information:
Fiber Optics, the one who started it all. Big industries rely on this piece of innovation, and TELES Fiber optics is the go - to place for high grade innovations. Its main features include mode stripper, free-standing fiber and adhesive-free. Easy to install and maintain. Compatible with standard laser systems. And this kind of SMA 905 fiber optic connector for use with Aluminum buffered 200μm fiber size.

Features of DIN Connector:
 ► High Precision SMA905 ferrule;
 ► Optional Stainless steel tube or PVC protecting jacket;
 ► Variety option of large core optical fiber.

DIN Connector Availability:
 ► The DIN connector is available with a variety of boots;
 ► The DIN fiber connector comply with CECC 86 135-801 (PC version) & CECC 86 135-802 (APC version) standards;
 ► We supply single mode DIN connector and multimode DIN connector.

Application of DIN Connector:
 These DIN fiber connectors are widely used in telecommunications, CATV, LAN, MAN, WAN, test & measurement, industry, medical and sensors.

Technical Data:

Connector Type

Insertion Loss

Return Loss



(500 mating)

SMA905 Single Mode

< 0.3dB

50 dB

< 0.2dB

< 0.2dB

SMA905 Single Mode

< 0.3dB

65dB(8° APC)



SMA905 Multimode

< 0.3dB


< 0.2dB

< 0.2dB


Mechanical Dimension:


Typical application:
 ► Semiconductor laser tail fiber;
 ► High power laser flexible transmission;
 ► Laser welding, cutting,
 ► Atmospheric spectrum measurement;
 ► Infrared temperature measurement;
The products are widely used in industrial laser equipment, medical laser equipment, and other high power energy transmission system energy electronic field. May according to the customer request processing production of connection type optical fiber transmission line.

SMA-905 Flat End face Patch Cord: 


SMA905 produced with connector made of ferrule or metal with flat end face , it assembled with precisely polished large core fiber, could meet low power laser power transfer or communication signal transfer.

If the sma905 fiber optic high power connector caters to your requirement, welcome to wholesale the high-end and quality products from our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can assure you of its high quality and competitive price. And the customized service is also available.

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